Give Me 45-Minutes And I’ll Show You How To Virtually “Flip-A-Switch” And Start Pulling-In 10-15 NEW Leads Every Single Day (with greater ease and speed than ever before)


From The Desk Of Nick Haubner (in Sunny Orlando, FL)

Hey. Can I ask you a personal question? I mean…

Are you cool with that?

I know you just got here and all… But we’ve really got no time to waste. By the end of this letter, I’m going to imbue you with the POWER to “turn-on” your own personal lead siphoning machine…

But, first, I gotta know…

“Why are here?”

I mean, “What in the WORLD are you doing building a business online?”

Is it to make a couple extra bucks per month?

Were you sold on some BIG dream of drinking mah tis while sinking your toes into some white sanding carribean beach?

Or is it something a little deeper, like, spending more time with your kids… taking your spouse on an exotic vacation… or simply feeling a deeper sense of confidence and freedom.

Because all of those are possible when you discover the one simple little secret that I’m going to share with you in a moment…

See, here’s the truth... (colder than a steel lamp-post in the North Pole)

Most of those aspiration (dreams and goals) are pitched as something easy to get by being lazy.

Yeah… You’ve probably heard one of those sales videos before, right?

Some silly guru telling you how, “All you’ve got to do is send us traffic and watch the HUGE commission checks come rolling in…”

Sure you can make a bunch of money doing that…

But there’s just one problem…

They never truly show you (in a screen-by-screen way) how to do that.

And even the traffic trainings that they do have are based on their $100,000+ budgets… So, OF COURSE you’re not going to be able to get the results they get.

They spend thousands upon thousands to get those numbers (which… hint hint… are typically lies anyways).

Here’s the deal.

I know you want to fill your email list with a couple dozen extra leads this week… maybe even grab a couple sales… am I right?

I mean, you are still reading…

So, here’s my promise to you.


I’m not some BIG guru dude who spends $1000’s per day on ads.

I don’t consider myself the Master Of The Universe of Facebook Ads…

But, what I do have is RESULTS.

Using a budget that you can EASILY spend today.

That’s right!

Each and every day, I spend about $10 bucks on ads.

Now, I will probably scale this up over the coming months…

But, right now… And what I’m about to share with you is how I spent just $10 bucks per day and scored 60+ leads in just 1 week.

It’s not CRAZY. It’s not mind-blowing…

But you know what it is?


So, here’s what I’ve got for you…

I’m calling it the Ad Warrior. (I still haven’t got a got-damn clue why I named it that… so let’s just go with it)

In this peppy course, I outline in screenshot-by-screenshot detail exactly how to build your very own successful Ad campaigns.

I’ve never seen a more crystal clear course, in my life.

Everything, 100%, is there.

No secrets kept.

No hidden results.

Heck I even show you my own personal targeting and explain why it is that I target those people.

I guarantee this is the #1 best Facebook Primer Course you’ve ever had the pleasure of going through. I say “primer” because it keeps things simple and easy.

No weird stuff. No advanced flippidy-do-dah retargeting magic… or quadruple, backflip, split-testing techniques.

Just the stuff you need to know to deploy your first Facebook ad, and continue to optimize it, week-by-week with a shoe-string budget.

Here’s Just Some Of What You’re Going To Discover Inside Ad Warrior…

  • [Templates] Learn How To Write Copy That Converts

     How to craft your ad copy to optimize conversions and attract hoards of laser-targeted visitors to your site… The first 4 Lessons are themselves worth your entire investment. You’re going to walk away with complete clarity about how to write persuasive ad copy. I think you’re really going to love this…

  • Real-Time Results "Hacking"

    Simple (yet highly effective) strategies and tactics that are producing results right now… and how you can begin using them the moment you finish watching Lesson #8… Theory and “good ideas” are for the birds. You need REAL actionable know-how.

  • Conversion Tracking (directly inside Facebook)

    How to track CONVERSIONS directly on Facebook that will completely change the way you advertise your business forever. (no more guessing if your ad is performing well or not…)

  • The #1 Mistake You Must AVOID

    Ignore this warning and risk getting permanently banned from Facebook. (hint: even using the language of this certain “industry” can get you banned) A lot of folks have already experienced the horrors of this by listening to the WRONG teachers…

"I have tested an ad this week, it's on the 3rd day now, and I've already got 3 new leads and 13 clicks with a budget of $5 per day.

I love this course because it’s concise and fast-paced - but still teaching loads of Facebook marketing strategy. There are about 9 videos in Ad Warrior and they are 5-12 minutes each, so you can easily go through the course in one afternoon, and get your ads up and running in the next hour. This makes it easy to implement.

The teaching style and the instructions in the videos are very easy to follow. The video where it's explained what results to aim for was extra valuable to me. I definitely recommend this course if you want to learn Facebook marketing the right way - fast and easy."

You see…

There are 3 things you absolutely must have to create a Facebook Ad campaign.

  • You must to know who your audience is, and how to find them…
  • How to craft an ad that not only peaks their curiosity, but also speaks to their self-interest (i.e. desires)…
  • You must be able to convert your new visitor into a lead (hint: sending your visitors to a capture page that you own)…

Miss even just one of those, and you can kiss your profits good-bye.

Sadly, most do.

In fact, even some of the “big dawg” trainers that you follow are getting this simple 3-point formula totally wrong.

You won’t though.

Because I’m providing you with the complete instruction guide… The treasure map to riches…

"Nick provides clear and concise instructions on exactly what to do when constructing a Facebook ad.

As a result of the video course I went in and changed the wording on an existing ad and I was delighted that Facebook approved it straight away.

I loved the way Nick demonstrated the kind of language to use in terms of arousing curiosity compelling someone to open up your ad.

The advice on targeting and how to pick who your market is was really helpful and the bonus item included on how to further choose where to target was really revealing and I loved that.

For anyone who wants clear instructions, that are easy to follow, on how to do Facebook Ads, you should really consider Nicks course, The Ad Warrior. Nick gets right to the point in each of the videos in the series and they WILL help you, particularly if you have struggled in the past or if you are brand new to Facebook advertising."

Here’s Just Some Of What You’re Going To Discover Inside Ad Warrior…

9 Core Training Lessons

In these 9 Lessons, you're going to discover step-by-step instructions on how to craft a Perfect Facebook Ad. Not only are you going to get screen-by-screen guidance inside the Ad Manager...

You're going to learn my BEST ad writing secrets I've ever revealed publicly, which will imbue you with the power to write extremely persuasive ads...

Value: $197

Value: $37

Bonus #1 - Limitless Targeting Extraction Secret

Ever wonder who the heck your audience is? Like who you should target? This is where 99% of us get stuck. You hear all this talk of "Avatars" and your "perfect prospect..."

"But where do I find them?"

Well, in this Bonus I'm going to show you my little "secret" to finding limitless fan pages to target. Should really be called "Fan Page Hacking" ('cause that's what it is). You'll love it.

Bonus #2 - Conversion Tracking Codex

All this talk of pixels and audience building codes can give even the most technical-minded person a freakin' headache.

In this Snappy Bonus Lesson, I break it down into ultra simple steps so you can place conversion tracking pixels faster and easier than the Pros.

Value: $27

Value: $97

Bonus #3 - Behind-The-Series (get an exclusive sneak-peak)

So... I've only ever done this in VERY exclusive Mastermind groups (where folks are typically paying anywhere from $8k to $50k just to be a part of).

But, I really felt compelled to crack open my personal ad manager, my autoresponder... all of it... to show you that I really am doing what I'm talking about.

This bonus alone is worth it's duration in gold. Everything is REVEAL! (like a Vegas champagne room)

Bonus #4 - The Video Ad Formula

Picture ads is the focus for the 9 Core Lessons, but one of my highest converting ads was a video ad... So this course really wouldn't have been complete without this bonus.

In this quicky, I share with you (face-to-camera) off the cuff WHAT my 3-step formula is, as well as how it works. I prove just how easy it is when you follow this formula by actually making a video "real-time." Good stuff.

Value: $17

Value: $77

Bonus #5 - 17 Ad Specimens (casestudy templates)

I dug through my ad account and found 17 of my favorite, top-performing ads for you.

In this 17-page PDF you'll see the entire ad (image, headline, copy, button) as well as my personal "author-notes" highlighting the important psychology going on with each ad.

Consider this your personal go-to inspiration file for writing new ads.

Special Bonus #1 - The Power Ad Creation Code

At some point you're going to run into a little problem...

The problem is, you've only got 90-120 characters of space to craft your Text and Headline copy... That's hardly enough for a marketer of your caliber to clearly articulate your message and inject your Call-To-Action.

This bonus is PRICELESS because of this one reason... It enables you to write as much copy as you'd like. No more limitations.

Value: $97

Value: $147

Special Bonus #2 - Personalized Ad Critique & Optimization

Because I want you to succeed... I want you to get results...

I mean, I really do. That makes me look SUPER good, right?

Because I care about you getting an ad on Facebook producing new leads for you, I'm going to personally critique one of your ads to help you improve it and get better conversions. (this bonus is for you when you activate it inside yours members area)

That's A Total Value Of $696.00

But, that's NOT what you're going to pay today.

In fact, I'm not even asking you to pay $297...

Actually, when I created this course, I had fully intended on it being $297 bucks with all that value I showed you above...

I mean this course is seriously unlike any course you've seen. It's awesome.

But, I felt that since you're probably going to need a few bucks to invest in ads, it'd be cooler to drop $100 bucks on the course itself to allow you use that for ad spend.


Today, to get your hands on Ad Warrior, your investment is a one-easy payment of $197.

And before you start thinking that I'm just wimping out on my price, I do have a selfish motive here...

I want this course to be in as MANY hands as possible. I want 1000's inside Ad Warrior. And I know that price matters for a lot of folks...

So, it's a win-win scenario. You get an outstanding Advertising Course for a low investment.

"I have been advertising on Facebook for a couple years and have been through many Facebook Ads courses. Ad Warrior was by far the best Facebook ads course I have been through to date.

My first day implementing what I learned about creating captivating ad images, I generated 5 new leads almost instantly! I loved how quick and straight to the point the modules are. No unnecessary fluff here! If you are wanting to get started running Facebook ads and aren't sure where to start, look no further than Ad Warrior.

I will be recommending this course to all my clients!"

Today, Just One Easy-Payment Of $197

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